Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page! We find that most of our customers all have very similar questions that can influence their booking with us. Many of the questions that you may want to ask you will find answered below, however we understand you may have some questions that you need to ask us that are specific to your event or may want to ask us directly. So anything that is left unanswered after reading this page please do get in contact with us and a friendly member of the Hog Roast Wirral team will be able to assist you.

How Much Does A Hog Roast Cost?

Due to the varied and flexible nature of the service and menus that we offer we’re unable to offer general quotes as all jobs are priced individually and the price factors on a number of criteria. The day of the week, season, expected number of people dining and the menu can all play a big role in determining what our catering service is going to cost for any given event.
The best way to get a price would be to complete one of our internet forms and email it to us; we’ll then get back to you with a general price or even an accurate price if you already have a menu, venue, attendance count and date in mind. If you prefer you can also call us by phone to do so.

Why Should I Choose You Over Other Companies Who Also Use Your Machines?

That’s a good question and it might appear a contradiction in terms to say we have the best machines while other companies also purchase their machines from us. However, what the other caterers don’t have is our expertise on hog roasting, the menus, and the quality of food, staff and our general good value.

The expertise and knowledge we have for hog roasting is clear, if other caterers were as skilled and versed in hog roasting as we are they would create their own machines. That many come to us for machines and consultations shows a very evident confidence and regard for the skill we have.

But also, a machine in itself is only half the battle. Without world class produce, which we use and source through our many connections to the local farming industry, you will fall short. A lot of alternative caterers simply can’t afford to buy the produce we do, or employ the elite chefs and waiters that we do. The size and success of Spitting Pig leaves us seated in a position to undersell competition, effectively. So while another business might have our machines, the likelihood of them having our knowledge, passion, quality of staff and produce is unlikely.

Do You Cater For Weddings?

Wedding catering is one of our favourite type of events to cover! We offer a variety of options from wedding buffet’s to the more formal sit down meals. Please take a look at our menu’s section to see what we can offer. Don’t forget we can tailor a menu to match exactly what you are looking for!

How Many People Can You Cater For?

There is no maximum or minimum number of guests for our events, we have the capability with our Hog Roasting Machines to cater for all numbers. We have catered at parties for as little as 10 guests to parties with a few thousand. Every event is different, one day we may be catering for a small intimate family gathering and the next a large corporate event.

Is It Just A Pig That You Offer?

We have a choice of many great spit or slow roasted meats including pig, but you are not restricted to having just a pig. We also offer a range of other meats such as; beef, turkey, chicken or lamb. We are also very flexible if customers would like to change our menu’s to tailor it to exactly what they are looking for. Also offering vegetarian options and a great choice of side dishes.

What Happens If It Rains?

With the typical British weather we are used to catering in all seasons, sunshine, rain and even snow! We always like to discuss with you where you would like us to set up and to have a Plan B prepared before the day for if the worst weather was to happen. We can cater indoors or outdoors. For our outdoor events we have a gazebo to cook under and serve the food from. But don’t worry, whatever the weather we are prepared and the show still goes on!

How Many People Can 1 Machine Feed?

It depends usually on the model of the machine that you use and how you utilise the machine. We currently have 3 models at Hog Roast Wirral, all with their own pros and cons depending on your own preference and requirements. Our more powerful machines are capable of cooking for over 300 people in one sitting.

The larger machine we have is intended for commercial use and can cook a 90kg pig. As well as cooking the 90kg pig they can also simultaneously cook other dishes with the bottom compartment, where you can use stainless steel pans to fry, boil, or steam, or if you’d rather you can use the barbecue grill to grill meats, kebabs and vegetables.

You don’t have to cook pigs though and equally you can cook lambs or a large number of chickens (to the number of 30) if that’s more to your liking. In both cases you can cook for hundreds of people and we’ll help you with your menu to utilise the machines to the best of their output ability.

Is It Expensive To Hire A Machine?

Hiring a hog roast machine is a great cost effective solution to your catering worries. Our prices are very low and competitive, if you would like a free quote please do get in contact with us. It doesn’t come much cheaper than hiring a machine to cater at an event.

Do You Cater For Vegetarians?

Yes of course! We can cater for any dietary requirement, please do let us know about any special requirements you may have and we can ensure that nobody goes home hungry.

One of our most popular vegetarian dishes is our grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers that comes with a delicious dip and served either in a wrap or a roll this makes a fantastic meal. We even have to sometimes hide these from our meat eaters they look so good!