Hog Roast Heswall

The Best Hog Roasts In Heswall

Hog Roast HeswallYou might think that with so much coastline, the Wirral Peninsula would be better known for its fish than its meat, but as it turns out there are plenty of places that show pride in fresh, local produce of the land-based variety. That’s why, here at hog roast Heswall, we love to provide our pig roasts to the people in these amazing towns.

Take Heswall, for example. Located along the eastern side of the Dee Estuary, Heswall boasts The Dales, a local nature reserve and Site of Special Scientific Interest. Nearby is Church Farm Organics, a family run organic farm. The farm shop sells organic vegetables, sometimes only minutes from the soil, sources its meat from a local butcher, and has an on-site butcher twice a week. They even roast their coffee locally for the coffee shop.

A little further away is Gregory’s Farm, a working farm which also boasts a seven acre “maize maze”, along with tractor rides to visit the paddocks. Both sites are family-friendly, with tons of attractions to keep the kids occupied. More importantly, the emphasis on local food and farming activities helps to teach them where their food comes from. That’s something that we think is great – at hog roast Heswall we always source our meat from local suppliers. We believe local tastes best because the emphasis is on freshness. That’s why we prepare all our food on site at our hog roast Heswall pig roasts. While the pig, or other meat, roasts away – which can take around six hours – our chef is busy preparing any other courses. Since our menus can included herb-buttered potatoes and salad, we believe it’s important not to have these things sitting around for too long. After all it’s a short step from beautifully seasoned buttery potatoes to spuds swimming in grease, or from fresh crunchy salad to sad wilted leaves. We want our food to be remembered for the right reasons!

Leaders In Our Field

Once the meat is cooked our chef carves, and we think there’s nothing better than seeing our customers’ reactions, firstly to the display of the whole pig and secondly to the quality of the food. There’s nothing quite like a soft roll filled with warm, tender meat, brimming with tasty trimmings. Our pork comes with sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce, and if you choose another meat that will also come with its traditional accompaniments – mint with lamb, horseradish with beef, and so on. Our hog roast Heswall pig roasts can feed anywhere between 10 and 120 people, so there’s usually enough for seconds, and we also cater for vegetarians.

qaIt’s this emphasis on local food that means we love cooking for the people in Heswall. Unfortunately, portions of the Dee Estuary are still contaminated by its industrial past, and we think that’s why they have such a great understanding of the importance of freshness, and a love for organic food. With such a great expanse of coast, and so much beautiful countryside on the Peninsula, they really do have the best of both worlds.