Hog Roast Neston

The Best Hog Roasts In Neston

Hog Roast NestonHog roasting and hog roast Neston event catering are like two peas in a pod, which is why when we started out we thought it a good idea to put the two together so that we could share the best of both worlds with everybody in Neston. The favourability of hog roast catering for event occasions is on the up and has been for the last few decades, we know because we’ve been responsible for leading the charge in hog roast Neston catering. With experience that dates back so long you’re in safe hands when you book hog roast Neston caterers for your event.

Across the board we have a fortune of experience and talent that makes us the most desired sought after caterer – of any variety, not just as hog roasters – in town. Cooking real food is something that’s easy for us, we can cook the best food you’re likely to taste and provide it for all sorts of occasions. It isn’t just the party catering we provide that’s of a 5 star standard, hog roast catering at corporate events, wedding events, and all types of events in between, comes just as easy to us. We have special menus for every type of event. We have so many different menus, and we have them because we’ve experienced so many different Neston hog roast events and know that no event is exactly like the one before, or after.

Leaders In Our Field

The best part of a spit roast is the unmistakable trademark taste. When we spit roast Surrey - bread4the meat self-bastes, the juices of the pig are ‘recycled’ through the pig over and over again on every rotation of the spit roast skewer. A spit roast doesn’t give the natural juices and fats – and these are the source of the signature taste of all good meat – any chance to escape. Continually the delectable juices are absorbed back into the pig, giving it the same great taste and texture throughout. Nobody wants one side of the animal being dry and the bottom side being soggy, if you book us for your hog roast in Neston event every guest will receive a serving of meat that’s unbelievably good.

We’re confident that we have something to surprise and amaze you, whether it’s a corporate occasion or a wedding, you’ll find a selection of menus awaiting you that are on the whole extraordinarily different in many ways. Just think of all the formats, from buffets to sit down dinners, that you could enjoy a spit roast with – there’s vast possibility and you’ll see the great opportunities to be had when giving our menus a look.

The passion we have for hog roasting borders on the extreme and we take tremendous pride in being one of the favourite hog roast Neston  event caterers, it’s this pride in being the best caterer that guarantees our customers receive, without fail, a service for their hog roast Neston that’s remarkable in every regard.