Hog Roast Frankby Attended A High Fantasy Wedding!

No two weddings are alike, but Jack and Christie’s nuptials took uniqueness to a whole new level with their extravagant fantasy-themed celebration. Inspired by their love of high fantasy, this loved-up pair transformed a striking manor house into a whimsical wonderland for their special day.

The venue, overlooking stunning gardens with blooming wildflowers and a serene lake, provided the perfect backdrop for Jack and Christie’s magical affair. Inside, the couple spared no expense in creating a captivating environment, using well-placed flowers, props, and soft lighting to bring their whimsical vision to life.

Having adhered to the white-tie fantasy dress code by donning fantastical ball gowns and dapper suits, with some even accessorising with wings or elvish ears, the guests added an extra touch of enchantment to the festivities.

After the vows and photos, everyone made their way to the dining hall, where Jack and Christie took their seats upon thrones fit for royalty. The guests’ tables were adorned with wildflowers and various crystals, adding to the unique experience that awaited the guests.

Hog Roast FrankbyAnd then it was time for the feast to begin. Our Hog Roast Frankby catering staff had spent all afternoon preparing a banquet fit for kings and queens. Right on queue, our head chef proudly revealed the golden hog roast, cooked to perfection, before carving it expertly for the hungry guests.

As well as our signature hog roast, Hog Roast Frankby prepared whole-roasted free-range turkeys, which were so succulent and tender that the knife sliced through the meat like butter. Veggie and vegan guests were delighted with our grilled vegetable skewers, providing a tasty and flavourful alternative to the meaty mains.

The sides were equally impressive, with tomato and mozzarella salad, crispy Thai salad, gourmet coleslaw, and dauphinoise potatoes elevating the dining experience to a new level.

As guests tucked into the flavour-rich dishes, a harpist played whimsical tunes, weaving the fantasy theme throughout the event. And for dessert, Hog Roast Frankby captivated everyone with vacherins of strawberries with passionfruit cream and fresh fruit salads, providing a light and refreshing conclusion to the meal.

Jack and Christie were overjoyed with the flawless execution of the food service, which set the tone for an evening of revelry and celebration that will be remembered for years to come.