Hog Roast West Kirby for a City Centre Rooftop Garden

DSC_0139Amid all the hustle, bustle, noise and crowds that are all a part of city life, it’s often difficult to imagine being able to find a tranquil green space to have some peace and quiet and get away from it all. A group of innovative urban gardeners who grow all manner of things on their balconies and window ledges, started to think on a much grander scale and with the help of local council funding, set up their very own rooftop Eden on top of one of the city’s buildings! They didn’t want it to be a secret garden though; they wanted as many busy commuters and city dwellers as possible enjoy it and get involved in maintaining it, so for their launch party, they decided to hire Hog Roast West Kirby to cater for the garden’s official opening! They chose us because we can also bring something special to unexpected locations by being able to provide fantastic food in all manner of settings! We’re also all about fresh ingredients and fresh ideas, and the green-fingered group wanted the food to match the ethos of the garden. Even on the roof of a modern city centre building, you can create a little patch of paradise, grow your own vegetables and eat restaurant-quality food 10 floors above the nearest one!

The Hog Roast West Kirby team had a lovely afternoon slow roasting our locally-sourced pork in a pleasant spot next the vegetable patch high above the chaos of the daily commute and the gardeners were very impressed that we were preparing our side salads using ingredients as fresh as those growing next to us! Of course, we had no problem getting our staff and equipment up there, as our hog roast machines are so well-designed and easy to transport that we can take them practically anywhere!

The new rooftop garden had attracted a lot of interest and the outdoor space was soon teeming with people all eager to see what could be achieved with a little bit of imagination and a lot of hard work. The creators of the garden had no problem in enlisting volunteers to help them out, with so many people desperate to escape the frenetic pace of city life for a while and spend time in such a natural and nurturing environment. The food went down a treat, with Hog Roast West Kirby helping to create exactly the right ambience to get people interested in urban gardening!