Hog Roast Port Sunlight for a Teacher Training Day

Surrey - pig3Either teacher training days are a lot more fun than professional educators make out, or the organisers of the particular event Hog Roast Port Sunlight were asked to cater for last week decided to jazz things up a bit to make it more of an appealing prospect! We were reliably informed by just about every single teacher who had been attending the annual professional development day for the last several years, that it was definitely the latter! They were all certainly very pleased see us and we were approached several times in between seminars and peer discussions as we freshly prepared the tempting spread, and they informed us that the smell of the pork wafting into the conference room as it roasted slowly throughout the morning, was giving everyone the inspiration they needed to make it through to lunch time! Because we always prepare everything from scratch at the venue rather than dashing in at the last minute with trays of pre-prepared food like many other catering companies do, we are used to chatting with everyone and the Hog Roast Port Sunlight team are all such a sociable bunch, we love to get involved!

When the morning’s lessons were finally over, the teachers were as relieved as most of their pupils probably are that is was break time, and they flocked into the dining room eager to tuck into the enticing buffet that awaited them. Whilst we served our inventive array of meat and salad dishes, we were quizzed by the history teachers about the ancient method of hog roast cooking, questioned by the geography teachers about our use of locally-sourced ingredients and praised by the art teachers about how visually appealing and well-presented our colourful selection of salads were! Hog Roast Port Sunlight’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic team were able to answer all queries in a friendly and professional manner, whilst keeping up the pace of the lunchtime service and ensuring everyone was well-fed before they returned to the conference room for the afternoon’s activities. It was with great reluctance that the scholars left the serving table, but they all agreed we had made a long day much more enjoyable with our fantastic food. It’s back to school dinners tomorrow though, sorry everyone!