Hog Roast Barnston – A Very busy Summer!

It was a windy day as I arrived in Hog Roast Barnston to start my event. We were catering my favourite menu the Classic Hog Roast. The classic is a true perception of what Barnston Hog Roast offer. On the classic menu it includes a whole slowly roasted free range pig. We was due to serve at 1pm so we early around 7am to start cooking process and set up the gazebo and serving table. We also serve a homemade apple sauce and onion and sage freshly made stuffing to accompany the pig, so I started to prep these as the pig was cooking. EvIMG_2464erything smelt beautiful along with the smell of the windy fresh Barton air. Suitable for this windy day I prepared the green leaf salad and homemade coleslaw around an hour before serving time. I could smell the garlic of the delightful herb butter garlic seasoned potatoes as it was around five to one in the afternoon. The guests began to queue and were commenting on the strong smells of the crackling pig. People commented on how amazing everything tasted and a lot of people said they would be definitely using Hog Roasts for their next event. Our team again had a fantastic event in Hog Roast Barton and also we have influenced people to use Spitting Pig Wirral services in the future! What a great day.