70th Birthday For A Vegetarian – Hog Roast Parkgate

Here at Hog Roast Parkgate, we pride ourselves on the brilliant customer reviews that we receive along with returning, happy clients. We provide a catering service that really is like no other. We have a range of menu options, these include celiac, vegetarian, vegan and children’s meals. At Hog Roast Parkgate, we love to be flexible.

Our team provides catering services for any kind of event, whether it be a formal wedding, a garden party or a children’s birthday, we will be there to feed your hungry guests. Our menus always include a main serving of your choice of meat, we offer slow roasted hog, lamb, beef or chicken and these are cooked in our very own professional hog roasting machines. We also hire these pieces of equipment out for people do create their own events.

Early this year, an elderly man named Stephen contacted us about his wife’s 70th birthday, we were told that she was vegetarian however the rest of the guests were not therefore we created a menu just for the customer. He was delighted. He informed us on the date of the event and that it would be in a large hall here in Parkgate.

The party date came around and our team arrived at the venue early morning to set up. We brought our very experienced chef with us to serve the beautiful meat. Soon enough the hall was full of hungry people and the birthday girl herself. We ensured we had a vegetarian option of veggie skewers, salads and herb potatoes. As the plates were piled with our delicious buffet, compliments were flying around about the chefs crispy crackling. The day was a success.

At the end of the evening, we were personally thanked by Stephen and his wife for our effort and the feast we provided. Of course, here at hog roast Parkgate, we tidy up all of our work stations before we leave and make sure the guests are happy with our service.