Corporate Hog Roast Eastham for an International Conference

Some people who don’t know much about what we offer, think that hog roast catering is only suitable for events where everyone is happy to stand in a field eating from paper plates, and while we are always happy to provide this for you is that’s what you want, our Hog Roast Eastham team can offer so much more than that. We cater for formal and informal events throughout the local area and we are capable of providing a superb standard of service and the highest quality food that is suitable all occasions.

We got the opportunity to showcase our adaptability when we were hired to do the catering for the finale of a week-long annual event for a company that has offices both in the UK and continental Europe. This was the first time the UK branch had hosted the company conference and with 200 UK -based and international delegates in attendance, the organisers wanted to treat their colleagues from home and abroad to the best of traditional British cooking with a modern twist. Since this is what we do best, they definitely made the right decision in coming to us.

The event organisers wanted a fairly formal sit-down 3 course dinner with welcome canapes and table service befitting to a professional gathering, whilst giving the attendees the chance to meet and mingle with their international counterparts during a buffet-style main course.

Pig The Hog Roast Eastham brigade arrived as the doors opened for the final day of the conference and set up our equipment discreetly and efficiently in the designated function room. The locally sourced pork and sirloin of beef which had been chosen for the main course, were prepared by our super chef and slow roasted throughout the day in our top of range machines. Meanwhile, the Hog Roast Eastham catering assistants worked tirelessly to prepare the freshly made soup starter, side dishes and canapes, including fragrant tiger prawn skewers and a decadent pâté en croûte– the perfect welcome for any group of professionals. As our friendly and efficient waiting staff focused on ensuring all of the diners were happy and had full plates, the catering team turned their attention to applying the finishing touches the dessert options: individual handmade cheesecakes and a light fruit salad for those who didn’t have much room that after all that luxurious food. We received a very enthusiastic response to our balanced and exciting menu and the conference organisers were delighted with our high quality service. Overall, it was a very successful day for international business relations and the Hog Roast Eastham team!