A Great Birthday Feast Hosted By Hog Roast Raby

Treat the guests at your next party or event with a Hog Roast Raby feast and you’ll surely be the talk of the town for a long time to come. Whether you choose to feature one of our amazing centrepiece hog roasts at your special occasion or something altogether different, we always use high-quality, fresh, local ingredients in order to make delicious food that everyone invited can enjoy. So if there are any guests on special diets, like gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan, or if you want to have additional dishes or multiples courses served, just let us know when you book.

Hog Roast RabyHog Roast Raby also offers specialty menus, like our fabulous Southern Slow Roast, where you get to choose three marinated meats and four hot and cold sides or our scrumptious Loaded Fries, where we add brisket of beef or pulled pork to freshly-cooked chips and top off with your choice of a zesty or spicy slaw and lots of melting cheese. Furthermore, if you fancy welcome canapés and refreshments served to your guests, whether you want a multi-course menu served or not, we can easily do that too. Your wish is our command!

For a 50th birthday celebration that Hog Roast Raby catered over the weekend, our customer asked us for several options to be served on the day. The main feature would be our luscious pigs in buns but we were also asked to provide a vegetarian option of veggie skewers, as well as three sides.

When our team arrived at the venue early in the afternoon, chef prepared the meat to be roasted by covering it in plenty of water and then massaging in lots of salt (which makes the crackling). The hog then sizzled away for several hours until we had plenty of soft, tender meat and crispy, salty crackling. Meanwhile, we had freshly-prepared and cooked the skewers – halloumi, mushrooms, tomatoes, courgette, mixed peppers and red onion – and had made the vegetarian trio of sides – homemade coleslaw, spicy sweet potato wedges and a tomato and mozzarella salad.

By the time all the guests had arrived, the great feast was ready to be devoured with relish and that’s exactly what they did!