A Tasty Corporate Christmas Party Treat – Hog Roast Oxton

Hog Roast Oxton is renowned for our famous hog roasts, which we either make into piles of scrumptious pigs in buns or a plated meal, full of hot, fresh meat, crackling, potatoes and vegetables, as well our homemade apple sauce, stuffing and onion gravy. Nevertheless, we offer so much more too that you might be surprised, including alternative mains of spit-roasted or barbecued meat, options for all kinds of special diets, and additional dishes so that you can enjoy a multi-course menu if preferred.

Hog Roast OxtonWe also provide delicious standalone menus like our Loaded Fries and Southern Slow Roast, and at this time of year, our festive Hog Roast Oxton menu is available too, where you and your guests get to enjoy your choice of main, served alongside several sides and trimmings, and finished off with traditional mince pies and brandy cream. This menu is a great way to get everyone in the spirit of Christmas and is sure to wow your guests, while you can relax together with them, save on the washing up and even save a pretty penny while doing so.

There are three mains to choose from with our festive menu – a slow-roasted free-range hog, with fresh crackling, apple sauce and stuffing, or whole-roast turkeys, served with fresh stuffing and cranberry sauce, or a vegetarian main of halloumi and veg skewers, accompanied by wraps and Tzatziki (which can be made vegan if needed). Several sides are sure to impress too, as we provide pigs in blankets, garlic and rosemary roasted potatoes, cauliflower cheese, no less than four seasonal vegetables and our homemade gravy to smother it all in as well.

For a corporate Christmas party that Hog Roast Oxton catered recently, we were asked to provide our festive menu, with both hog roast and vegetarian mains, so our team arrived bright and early to set up our equipment and prepare the hog for its roasting. Several hours later, after slowly sizzling away to perfection, we also had a great feast ready of the veggie main and all the sides, trimmings and dessert, and once everyone arrived, we were ready to serve.