Christening – Hog Roast Leasowe

Catering for a christening last Sunday with a Hog Roast Leasowe and we do love a good christening! Sunday was a christening for twin girls. And the most adorable little girls ever. We had catered for the parent’s engagement and wedding so when we were asked to cater for the christening to we were honoured to say the least. We love it when we go back time and time again to regulars, as we know we are doing well! Pig was the meat of the day and as the pig cooked we chatted to the parents who said the christening was lovely saying the girls were ever so good and we were all mesmerised by them so pretty and so alike.

We made a lovely applesauce and a garlic sauce for the meat and some nice fresh salad vegetables were chopped and diced and smothered in nice dressings and an assortment of wraps were placed on the tables everyone had arrived and then we were ready to serve the Hog Roast Leasowe. We had a crowd around us as we carved the fresh succulent pork and all were amazed at the sight and gasps from the guests as they tasted the meat we had lots of people coming at us all at once with lots of questions one in particular asking how does the pork taste so moist? Easy we said when using our state of the art hog roasting machines we cook and deliver the best meat imaginable. The guests were so eager to hear more and we explained at how efficient and reliable the machines are and we owe all to our machines and our great team of course we all like one big happy family passionate in what we do nothing pleases us more than knowing we have done a good job and we do time and time again. We left a bundle of calling cards for guests and we said our good byes and knew we would be back again and Mel and Tom are now regulars along with many in our ever-growing family. And through out the day the twins were on their best behaviour a lovely day was had here at Hog Roast Leasowe.