Corporate Training – Hog Roast Bebington

Whilst a lot of our weekends are spent providing succulent slices of slow-roasted pork in freshly baked rolls to the guests at weddings and birthday parties, weekdays often involve doing exactly the same thing in more un-celebratory settings.

Today we were off to provide our usual hog roast Bebington and expertise to a training day at a business park. We can’t name the company involved for reasons their operations manager went to great pains to explain, but suffice to say they do ‘things with computers’. Thus the staff in attendance were used to spending work days in front of screens, as many folk do, and like many who must attend mandatory training events, were expecting a lunchtime break consisting of at best, a cold buffet.

However, due to a combination of our competitive pricing policy on the various menus we offer and our ability to deliver the tastiest of succulent slices of roast pork, hot off the spit, we were contacted by a chap who’d experienced our catering at a wedding he’d recently attended, and was sufficiently impressed that he decided to see if we’d be up for supplying the catering for the training day he had been charged with organising at his workplace. Upon making enquiries, he’d been pleasantly surprised to find that a hog roast Bebington made the budget spreadsheet a much happier spreadsheet than had been anticipated.

As we always do, we arrived early enough to get the hogs roasting well in advance, but unlike many of our weekend events which are outdoors, this time we didn’t need to bring along the gazebo, as it rarely rains indoors. Not in modern buildings anyway.

In time for the lunchtime break, we had the hog roast Bebington sitting waiting for us to slice up and serve in fresh rolls, with the accompanying apple sauce and stuffing that any decent hog roll cannot be without, and the ever present side order of crackling. Our client being a modern 21stC workplace that takes note of it’s staff, they’d notified us in advance that some of those attending were vegetarian, so we made sure that an option was available in the form of a couple of hand made, freshly prepared quiches, one 3 cheeses (Rennet-free smoked cheddar, feta and slices of halloumi on top, so that they got the toasted crusts that make it such an excellent cheese), the other cheese and mushroom. As it turned out, there were enough of these to also supply slices to several carnivores each of whom had already consumed a hog roll apiece, but apparently wanted to check the veggie provision was of the same standard. That was their excuse anyway, and who can blame them? Good hog rolls imply good quiche. Overall, it was a good example of one of those workplace catering functions where the staff weren’t expecting anything even remotely as tasty as they found being served up, and thus went away to their afternoon session of training in a much more amiable mood than they’d left the morning one.