Christmas Among Friends with Hog Roast Leasowe

Well, where has this year gone? Christmas is officially only one week away and if you are anything like us there is still so much to do in terms of getting everyone presents, decorating the house and not to mention organising the food! Well, luckily, Hog Roast Leasowe are on hand to help you out with the food so at least that is one less thing to worry about at this time of year!

Hog Roast LeasoweAt this festive time, Hog Roast Leasowe like to keep busy and do all we can to help out at events up and down the country. We simply love Christmas and have adapted our usual Hog Roast Leasowe menus to have a new Christmassy twist. Swapping our usual roasted hog for turkey and pigs in blankets always goes down a treat and we adore seeing the looks on people faces as they dig into our festive Hog Roast Leasowe.

This week, we were preparing for an event being hosted by Ellie for her and ten of her closest friends. Since leaving university, where they used to all get together to make their own Christmas dinner, they hadn’t been able to meet up as much and so this year Ellie wanted to make sure they had no excuse not to meet up and thought that the promise of some of our delicious slow roasted food would give them an extra incentive to turn up.

We arrived at Ellie’s home mid-afternoon to give the food plenty of time to slowly roast away. We had arranged to create a succulent turkey which we would be spit roasting in our trusty Hog Roast Leasowe machine. Alongside this, we, of course, had all the festive trimmings including pigs in blankets sourced from our local supplier, plenty of vegetables including sprouts, parsnips and of course the fluffiest of roast potatoes. Finally, our Hog Roast Leasowe chef had even created a special Christmas pudding especially for Ellie and her guests to enjoy to really say “Happy Christmas” from everyone at Hog Roast Leasowe!