Hog Roast Barnston Charity Fashion Show

Spring had arrived and a fashion show had been organised with all the profits going to charity. This was the third year running that a fashion show had been organised and each time a different charity would benefit, this year was to be the turn of the local animal charity who were struggling. So every penny counted to help keep the charity from closing.

The clothes were sauced online in bulk at a cheap rate and sold at the fashion show at a profit for the charity. Girls from the college were used as models to parade up and down modelling the outfits and quick changes were needed in order to get through all the outfits. Accessories were on sale at the back of the room that suited the outfits on sale. 150 tickets had been sold and the money from the tickets was used to provide a supper halfway through the evening. It was a difficult choice in choosing the food and had to be something that was easy to do and wouldn’t eat into any profits so hiring a spit roast machine was decided. Somebody from the charity had experience of using one and said they would do the cooking.

Hog Roast Barnston hire our hog roast machines and provide full training on arrival about how to use the machine so ensure the perfect pig is created! Health and safety is a big factor when using one of these machines. When you hire a machine like the Hogmaster it comes with all the equipment needed and Hog Roast Barnston can even provide the meats if wanted. Pork wraps was to be the easiest option as time was short they didn’t want lots of options. A Hog Roast Barnston machine can cook numerous meats at once, but since they were trying to keep costs down only one meat would be cooked. The meat was put on the Hogmaster at lunch time ready for serving early evening where a very tasty pig would be perfectly cooked.

fashionshow The first half of the fashion show went very smoothly and raised hundreds of pounds. It was time to give the girls a break and serve the pork wraps. The wraps were made up ready for everyone to just come and take one and they could add any apple sauce or stuffing themselves if they wanted. The food was a great success and everyone commented on how succulent the meat was. The second half of the show went without any hitches and the whole evening was a great success raising £3789.50. The animal charity were unbelievable thankful (as I’m sure you can imagine) as it meant they could carry on with their great work.