Hog Roast Willaston – Aquarium Wedding Reception

In all of our years of catering experience, Hog Roast Willaston have been involved in so many wedding receptions, that we’ve lost count! We have noticed lately though that more and more couples are opting for increasingly quirky venues and are having their wedding receptions at places that have a special meaning for them, rather than just hiring a generic function room whose only purpose is to host parties. The last happy couple whose wedding we catered for, certainly didn’t opt for a run of the mill reception venue, instead choosing to celebrate their marriage in their favourite place- a local aquarium and sea-life centre!

Having always been fans of all things aquatic, Martin and Lucy have spent many happy weekends strolling around the aquarium, marvelling at the myriad of marine creatures, and then they made the thrilling discovery that their favourite venue was available to hire! With their unique venue bagged for the big day, the couple needed to find a caterer that could provide a high-quality menu befitting to the most important day of their lives, whilst also being versatile enough to fit in with the quirky reception venue. The couple were very impressed with Hog Roast Willaston’s ability to do both of those things and promptly hired us to provide one of our fancy wedding feasts for their reception!

Whilst the couple were busy walking up the aisle, our dedicated catering team were already at the aquarium, getting more closely acquainted with the aquatic inhabitants of the venue, none of whom seemed remotely perturbed by our presence. The same can’t be said for our chef though, as he was slightly alarmed when he looked up to find a stingray taking a keen interest in what he was doing!

When the bride and groom made their dramatic entrance through a glass tunnel containing some rather fearsome looking sharks and the chef’s new fishy friend, our polished and professional waiting staff were ready and waiting with bubbly and a selection of our finest handmade canapes. The rest of the meal was served with equal flair and precision and our food complimented the soothing and serene setting perfectly.  It was a lovely day in a quirky venue and Hog Roast Willaston would like to wish the happy couple all the best for the future!