Hog Roast in Heswall – Chinese New Year Of The Goat

Hog Roast Brimstage (Wirral)How fantastic is the Chinese New Year! We have been asked to cater for a party of lovely Chinese people celebrating the Chinese New Year, the year of the Goat. Of course this wasn’t the type of event we are used to doing, we was going to this event completely blind. We arrived at the venue many hours before to set up and start cooking the hog. As we arrived we couldn’t help but notice the amount of effort that has been put in, with Chinese dragons, lights, lanterns & all sorts of other different decorations it was like entering a different world, everybody was in high spirits and it made a really big impact on how the event was going to turn out. Liang Mei was the woman in charge of the event, and upon being introduced she passed hog roast Heswall some spectacular designed robes, this really gave us a great feeling of the Chinese New Year. As many of us know, in china a whole fish with the head and tail still in tacked ensures a good start and finish and avoids bad luck throughout the year, so here at hog roast Heswall we added this to the menu, serving it dressed and garnished to perfection. Before the event got underway, we set out a little station and made some brilliant Chinese tea straight from Hangzhou. The serve time approached and we pulled the pig from the hog roast machine and placed it just above our carving tray, the amount of heads that turned once we did this was phenomenal. We gently started to carve the tender meat from the pig and one by one people slowly came up for their share, some people even coming for seconds, whilst some even had thirds! After the pig had been served we had many people coming up and giving us brilliant feedback, telling us how well we had cooked the pig and even asking us to return next year! Hog roast Heswall had a brilliant day and we will hopefully be returning again next year