Hog Roast for a Christening in Caldy.

Last week, we hosted a hog roast in Caldy at a christening… and what a turn out it was! Thursday was the day of the christening, they wanted it to be outdoors simply because of the amazing weather we’ve currently been having in England recently. We got to the venue bright and early ready to tackle this exciting day. We knew that it was going to be special.

Once we got to the venue, we started setting up all the equipment we needed and began to lay out all of the cutlery, sauces, salads, the lot. As soon as the guests started to arrive we knew they were ready to dig into some perfectly roasted golden brown pork, and boy were we right! There were queues for miles! (At least it felt like that). None stop, one after the other, everyone was loving it and so were we. Surprisingly it was mainly the children who kept coming up again and again for seconds, thirds, even fourths!

Everyone was loving the chilli pulled pork in particular, combined with crunchy homemade coleslaw and the juicy fresh salad. Everything was going perfectly, the sun was shining, everyone was laughing and talking amongst themselves whilst digging into the scrumptious meat. We soon realised that we were starting to run out of meat very soon, which we were unhappy about because we knew how much it was making all the guests enjoy their time more than they already were.

Once we finally scraped the last pieces of meat from the bone we could tell that the majority of the guests were disappointed. If only we could have brought another hog to roast to keep everyone going but unfortunately that was us done for the day. This is always the worst part because we never want to stop providing the quality service we love to give.

Many of the guests thanked us for providing such an amazing service with the Hog Roast in Caldy and it made all of the team feel very honoured to be doing what we are doing; providing a fantastic service and quality food for the public to enjoy. Once again, an amazing turnout for a lovely celebration.