Hog Roast Hooton – Works Party With 300 Guests

For Hog Roast Hooton, Christmas is always a busy time of year. A thrilling and festive time always brings our team closer. Our most popular event around December is the corporates, teams of work colleges flood into our post requesting large events for their annual parties and Hog Roast Hooton is always happy to attend.

This December we were requested by a large team of workers from a company here in Hooton, we were asked to prepare slow roasted turkey, salads, our famous herb potatoes and fluffy bread rolls to satisfy the 300 guests that were attending.

On the 20th, we arrived at a large indoor marquee to set up our equipment. Hog Roast Hooton are always flexible with setting up roasts in the event of an inside party or a garden party, we ensure our guests are happy with our service and cater for their every need. The turkey was roasting almost immediately and our team began working hard to ensure all of our potatoes and salads were displayed perfectly. We pride ourselves in always making an event tasteful, adding that bit of flavour to the room and making a get together a real party. Our team always get in the festive spirit by wearing creative hats and greeting guests with huge Christmassy smiles!

Soon enough the 300 guests had filled up on our large menu, we had compliments on how warm our food was, the crisp salad and a massive praise on our home-made coleslaw. Marie, the team manager also commented on how delighted she was with our flexibility when it came to our menu as some of her guests preferred different meats, the menu we offered deliver a variety of meats such as pork, turkey, chicken and beef.

The night rolled on with cheerful music and 300 full bellies thanks to us! Whilst the guests enjoyed each other’s company, our team discreetly tidied away all litter, machinery and food that was left over. We offer this gesture at every event that we cater for, purely for our guests as they can enjoy their time rather than clean up and worry about mess.