Hog Roast Hoylake for a Medieval Birthday Banquet!

Northamptonshire BreadHistory teacher Martin had always felt an affinity with the past and with his 40th birthday on the horizon, he felt it was the perfect excuse to throw a Medieval themed party to celebrate! He put a lot of effort into making the experience as authentic a possible for his 50 guests (and for himself of course!) and hired a marquee, which he adorned with Medieval finery from his own collection; a handler from a local bird of prey centre to bring along a falcon for the evening, and a lute player! He even brought along, bows, arrows and a target board (also form his own collection!), so his guests could have fun with an archery competition. Short of having a jousting contest, which even Martin admitted was slightly beyond him, he had everything covered apart from one key ingredient-the food! For Martin, there was only one possible choice to make his Medieval birthday party completely authentic- one of Hog Roast Hoylake’s traditional slow-roasted feasts!

Whilst we pride ourselves on the ever-growing popularity of our hog roast services with our modern and inventive approach, we love being asked to cater at events that allow us to get reacquainted with our hog roasting roots, and there is no better opportunity to celebrate the longstanding tradition of this fantastic cooking method than at a Medieval-themed banquet!

So with the mead flowing, the arrows flying and the falcon sweeping majestically through the air above the revellers (who Northamptonshire - Sauceshad all made a huge effort with their costumes, it had to be said), Hog Roast Hoylake’s own master of Medieval cooking, was wowing everyone with the vast amount of perfectly prepared pork he had cooked in the midst of the action. The relaxed buffet-style service, as requested by Martin, allowed him and his 50 guests to indulge in our hearty spread as and when they pleased, without detracting from the other attractions he had worked so hard to bring together. Martin felt that both Hog Roast Hoylake’s cooking style and quality of the food we supplied added an extra air of authenticity to the ambiance, and he thanked us for making his 40th birthday a memorable evening of Medieval merriment!