Mamma Mia! Hog Roast Parkgate at ABBA night

The winner really does take it all, and the 45 lucky guests at a private ABBA night were winners indeed as the guests had won their place at the event in a charity raffle. The team put their best foot forwards and made sure to give the lucky winners a buffet they’re sure to remember!


Hog Roast ParkgateThe clients worked closely with the Hog Roast Parkgate team to make a few exciting changes to generic Hog Roast Parkgate menu 1, that the clients originally plumped for. Menu 1 is the renowned Classic hog Roast. This consists of: a succulently slow roasted pig, accompanied with a crispy crackling, homemade stuffing and a tangy apple sauce. The Hog Roast is a Parkgate team favourite, but they were only too happy to add to the menu as the clients desired, so that a bespoke package was created.


The buffet that would be put on the serving table, the Hog Roast Parkgate team provided and dressed, also included piping hot jacket potato wedges, halloumi and vegetable skewers and grilled, plain vegetable skewers. There was also an assortment of dips and a large basket of soft, gluten free bread rolls that the guests could have their pick of.


All these delicious dishes were made fresh on site on the day of the event, so the Hog Roast Parkgate had to arrive five or six hours before the  8pm serving time in order to set up all their catering equipment. The clients loved the idea of the food all being freshly made by the talented, experienced chef and it made the catering all the more exciting for the guests too, as it added an interactive element to the event.


The event was a massive success, the guests had a wonderful time bopping to ABBA’s greatest hits and at 8pm they paused to enjoy the brilliant buffet that had been put together by the hard working Hog Roast Parkgate chef. After the food had all been demolished by the Dancing Queens and Kings the Chef quietly tidied away, taking all the rubbish (including the high quality disposable crockery and cutlery the team had provided) off site so that it might be responsibly disposed of.