Plenty Of Choice And Variety To Cater For Everyone With Hog Roast Eastham

Hog Roast Eastham can provide the catering options that you not only want to be featured at your next special occasion but also the ones that ensure that everyone you invite can enjoy our food. We pride ourselves on offering plenty of choice and variety in order to do so and with both alternatives to our sumptuous hog roasts and all kinds of additional dishes available, we’re sure you’ll find something for you and all of your guests for your party.

Whether you’re planning a milestone birthday celebration like a 21st or a 90th, your wedding day meal or a huge corporate function (or anything else that you may have in mind, of course), our talented Hog Roast Eastham professionals can help to make it a great success. While many of our customers order a traditional hog roast centrepiece for us to prepare, cook and serve as either part of a sit-down meal or as piles of our pigs in buns, many instead prefer to ask us to cook spit-roasted or barbecued meats and others ask for one of our amazing specialty standalone menus.

Hog Roast EasthamOur Southern Slow Roast could be the ideal way to treat your guests, as you get to select three marinated meats that we slow-roast on the day and serve with your choice of four hot or cold sides. You choose three from beef brisket, pork butt, spicy chickens, sticky pork ribs and minted lamb and four from coleslaw, Greek salad, seasonal leaves, potato salad, corn cobettes, seasonal vegetables, mac and cheese, roasties and fries, and this means you get to satisfy various tastes all at once.

Alternatively, our Alfresco could be just the ticket, as it’s a unique way to enjoy a hog roast by first feasting on antipasti platters and then devouring homemade desserts afterwards. We serve platters of fine Italian meats, breads and cheeses, a traditional free-range hog roast with homemade sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce, salads and a potato option, as well as freshly baked rolls and wraps, and then finish it off perfectly with two puddings, like profiteroles and cheesecake.

For these and many more tasty possibilities, call Hog Roast Eastham today to book your catering.