20th Wedding Anniversary Party Catering Provided By Hog Roast Everton!  

On a chilly and rainy December evening recently, Hog Roast Everton wowed our customers and their guests with a hog roast centrepiece to die for, so much so that the bad weather didn’t seem to spoil anyone’s night at all. When it comes to providing high-quality food with great service to match, we are the professionals to call and when that food is a hog roast, we are dedicated specialists with years of experience behind us. We can actually cook so much more if you prefer, as we have many options to suit varying tastes and diets if needed, but for Gillian and Cameron’s wedding anniversary over the weekend, their perfect menu would be our delicious pigs in buns.

Hog Roast Everton When Cameron called us to book our services several weeks ago, it was after being recommended to us by one of his colleagues. It warms our hearts to know that we have done our customers proud and that means they have recommended our food and service, as we aim not only to please but to exceed expectations. For this particular special occasion, Cameron and his wife wanted to try Hog Roast Everton for themselves too, and with 40 guests invited to their 20th wedding anniversary party, we looked forward to impressing everyone invited.

On the afternoon of the party, our Hog Roast Everton team arrived at the local hotel venue a few hours before we were due to serve our amazing and moreish hog roast rolls. It takes a long time to roast a hog to perfection and it needs a rest before we carve off the crackling and slice away at the insides in order to make the pigs in buns, but once we set up our gazebo, serving tables and the hog roast machine itself, we got on with preparing the meat itself. Soon enough, it was sizzling away and it would be hours before it was browned all over the outside and yet soft and juicy on the inside.

By 5pm, the guests began to arrive and we finally began to serve up some scrumptious food at 6pm, and plenty of people queued up for seconds or more.