A Great Wealth Of Choice And Variety On Offer With Hog Roast Liscard

We understand that sometimes, you simply want to feature one of our amazing, traditional, slow-cooked Hog Roast Liscard hog roasts and nothing else at your special occasion, whether enjoyed as our renowned pigs in buns or as part of a plated meal alongside fresh veggies, potatoes and trimmings. We get it because we’re known for our signature food but what our new customers may not yet know is that we’re also known for offering a great wealth of choice and variety too, so whatever menu you’re dreaming of for your next event or party, we can make it come true.

Hog Roast Liscard Instead of one of our sumptuous hog roasts (or indeed as well as one!) we can make you a delicious meat alternative main course, such as spit-roasted sirloin of beef or a whole English lamb, or a pile of turkeys or chickens, or we can cook up a scrumptious meat-free dish, like vegan pulled jackfruit buns with slaw on the side or vegetarian wraps with halloumi, veg and dips. You may be inviting guests who prefer different meat or those on special diets and either way, we’ve still got you covered, and we can even make our pigs in buns suitable for gluten-free guests with an easy switch. All the ingredients in Hog Roast Liscard hog roasts except the breadstuffs are already suitable, so by taking along gluten-free rolls and wraps, they can still be devoured with relish by those suffering from a gluten intolerance or allergy.

If you fancy creating your very own menu, whether you’d like a feast of several courses or you’d like to add a side or two, we make this so easy for you to do; just go through our menus and choose your favourites and hey presto, as we have lots of possibilities on offer, including canapés, starters, sides and desserts. To make it even easier, you can instead select one of our mouth watering standalone menus, such as our Barbecue, Loaded Fries, Alfresco or Southern Slow Roast.

Regardless of the tasty homemade food you’d like us to serve up, Hog Roast Liscard are the ones to call, so get on the phone today.