Hog Roast Frankby Adding The Wow Factor At Your Next Special Occasion

If you’d like to take your party or event to the next level, featuring mouth watering dishes from Hog Roast Frankby is the way to do so, and not only with one of our hog roast centrepieces either. While our signature food is to die for and loved by many repeat customers far and wide, you may be surprised to hear that we also offer plenty of choice and variety too, as we fully respect the necessity for providing food that will satisfy all of your guests and not just the majority of them.

Hog Roast Frankby You may fancy spit-roasted meat instead of a hog roast and we can slow-cook your favourite for hours on end if preferred, like sirloin of beef, piles of chickens or turkeys or a whole English lamb. One of our Hog Roast Frankby standalone menus may be just the ticket instead, like our Traditional Barbecue of several meats, salads and fries, or our three-course, Italian-style Alfresco that gives you antipasti meats, cheeses and breads, as well as a hog roast and desserts. Our Loaded Fries, on the other hand, are topped with your choice of meat and slaw, as well as melting cheese and fiery jalapenos, while our Southern Slow Roast includes a trio of marinated meats and four hot or cold sides, which you get to choose in advance from a long list.

We understand that many of our customers prefer to create their own menu, especially for something special like a wedding day meal, and that’s why we give you the flexibility to do so, by picking and choosing your items from ours. We have many scrumptious courses available to add to your selected main, including welcome canapés, starters, sides and puddings, and that’s whether you only want one or two courses or a great feast with several of each. Plus we can always provide suitable, tasty options for special diets if you just say the word.

Hog Roast Frankby will help to give your next special occasion the wow factor, regardless of the type of menu you’re dreaming of, so contact us today and we’ll show you how.