Hog Roast Greasby at book club anniversary.

Hog Roast Greasby’s latest event was a very special celebration. The Greasby Senior Book Club wanted to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Clubs inception. The group of book lovers were very keen on the idea of having a small get together to commemorate the special occasion, and it gave the Club a boost of morale to party.

Hog Roast GreasbyThe Client- Book Club Organiser Katy- worked with the Hog Roast Greasby team to come up with a suitable but simple buffet for the 5 members of the Senior Book Club. Initially Katy was unsure whether the Hog Roast team would cater for such a small event guest list, but the team were more than glad to cater the special event.

Catering Manager Danny from the Hog Roast Greasby team arrived at the community centre venue several hours before the 4pm serving time. He was able to set up the catering equipment and serving table in plenty of time and then got straight to work producing all the delicious buffet dishes.

The main attraction at the buffet table was a Classic Hog Roast. This was a slow spit roasted pig served with crispy crackling, homemade stuffing and apple sauce. There was also an assortment of soft bread rolls and sauces. Catering Manager Danny would be on hand at all times to shred and carve the meat for the guests. Also on offer at the buffet was delicious grilled vegetable skewers as well as vegetable and halloumi skewers. Finishing off the delicious dish selection was a hearty pasta salad and tasty warm new potatoes in herb butter.

As part of the catering package Katy had created with the team, the crockery and cutlery were provided for the 5 guests to use. The guests were given high quality disposable crockery and cutlery to use. The rubbish from this and from the buffet was quietly taken away by Chef Danny after the guests had had their fill of the buffet.

The celebration was a great success. The Book Club members had a fabulous time together, discussing their favourite books and memories all the while enjoying a delicious buffet. Client Katy was thrilled.