Hog Roast Hooton’s Famous Southern Slow Roast Menu Is Always A Winner

When Hog Roast Hooton caters for your special occasion, you’ll know so from the amazing sights of fresh, homemade food, the wonderful aromas of that food, and, of course, the taste itself – moreish and delicious from the first bite to the last. This is especially the case when it comes to our signature dish – the good old traditional hog roast, made from scratch – but also in terms of the spit-roasted meats that we cook too, as well as the many other dishes we make. It may surprise you to find out that we cook much more than hog and spit roasts, including barbecues and our fabulous Southern Slow Roast Menu, and the latter gives customers and their guests three meat dishes and four sides, and even a vegetarian option if required.

Hog Roast Hooton

For a birthday party at home, Kelly recently asked us to cook our Hog Roast Hooton Southern Slow Roast Menu for 40 guests. She was wowed by the options we gave her with this menu and she knew her guests would be too. Choosing three marinated meats from five and four side dishes from a possible seven didn’t take Kelly long as she knew exactly what her guests would love to eat – Cajun whole roast chickens, Louisiana sticky pork ribs and spicy Creole lamb, accompanied by a variety of tasty sauces and condiments, as well as coleslaw, a Greek salad, mac and cheese and spicy sweet potato wedges. This menu is excellent for variety as it covers various personal tastes.

In terms of dietary requirements, Kelly had two vegetarian guests attending, who could enjoy our lovely veggie skewers – yummy pieces of halloumi cheese and garden-fresh vegetables including courgette, mushrooms, mixed peppers, tomatoes, and red onion, all grilled to perfection and served with pitta bread and our Tzatziki dip. The four sides would also be suitable for the vegetarians, as well as the sauces and fresh bread rolls and wraps that we serve.

On the day of the birthday party at Kelly’s home, our Hog Roast Hooton chef cooked up a storm and our team members prepared and served lots of great, fresh food to plenty of hungry guests.