Hog Roast Port Sunlight Bonfire Night at A Local School

Its officially November and already bonfire night. We love bonfire night here at Hog Roast Port Sunlight as it’s another excuse for people to get together and enjoy some delicious food and get merry watching the fireworks.

Hog Roast Port SunlightThis year Hog Roast Port Sunlight had been invited to the local school’s bonfire that was set to be a sell-out event. All the school children had been tasked with selling as many tickets as possible for the bonfire with the pupil who sells the most winning a prize. With that kind of incentive, it was no surprise that the event sold out within a week and meant Hog Roast Port Sunlight had the task of catering for two hundred people on one of the busiest nights of the year- but it’s what we do best!

For such an event we wanted to make sure we had the right variety of food to keep everyone happy and with so many guests there was bound to be a range of tastes and dietary requirements. Of course, we prepared a large hog to roast and scored the skin for that perfect crunchy crackling. This would be served on freshly rolls with lots of applesauce that our chef makes form his own family recipe. For the vegetarians we prepared our vegetable and halloumi skewers as these always go down a treat. And in case of any gluten allergies we made sure we prepared some gluten free bread rolls too. For extra measure we also brought along some burgers and sausages as we know kids can be picky eaters and as it was bonfire night we thought they deserved a treat!

With the bonfire lit everyone seemingly at once descended on our stall to get their fill before the fireworks started. It was truly a pleasure to see everyone’s faces light up as we dosed them with our Hog Roast Port Sunlight. With everyone satisfied there was nothing to do but sit back and admire the spectacular fireworks display along with them!