Transatlantic Wedding- Hog Roast West Kirby

When it comes to weddings it can be easy to lose sight of the reason for the celebration. Too often the day itself becomes more about pleasing everyone else and trying to impress when what is really important is celebrating the joining of two families as a couple unite in marriage. Here at Hog Roast West Kirby we like to help make the day go as smoothly as possible and hope to remind you of what’s important by giving you one less thing to have to worry about- the food. When you choose Hog Roast West Kirby as your wedding caterers you will get a hands-on team of experienced chefs and waiting staff who work with you every step of the way to make sure you have your dream day.

Hog Roast West KirbyHog Roast West Kirby were recently asked to provide catering for a different sort of wedding. We had been contacted over a year ago now, by bride and groom to be Holly and Dean who were looking for a wedding caterer. They informed us that in fact the actual wedding ceremony would be taking place across the Atlantic in the USA two weeks prior to the event we had been asked to cater for. As Dean was a US citizen and Holly had moved over there several years ago they would be holding the wedding there but wanted to make sure they had a reception in the UK for all their friends and family who for various reasons couldn’t make it to the main event which we thought was a lovely idea.

We arrived at the local town hall to set up our Hog Roast West Kirby nice and early. The couple had decided they wanted to try and make a full day out of the event so their guests didn’t feel they had missed out and so we had been given two different serve times. The first would be the traditional Hog Roast West Kirby wedding breakfast menu complete with our speciality canapes and several slow roasted meats plus all the trimmings. Later on, we would be serving our classic Hog Roast West Kirby rolls to keep guests partying long into the night. It was set to be a fantastic event and we county wait to get started…